Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I am introducing a new segment on MC2 this month:
July's OOTDs (outfit of the day) in rewind with outfit details, where I wore it, 
and where to buy the look. Which outfit was your fave this month?

July 2
{my unofficial work uniform: ruffled shorts + barely-there strappy heels}
Nordstrom tank / Zara shorts / Zara heels

July 9
{crochet & lace crop top with ripped jeans for a day at the office}
Zara top /  Zara jeans / BCBG heels

July 19
{printed romper I scored for $5 at the BCBG sample sale, worn to the Slightly Stoopid concert}

July 21
{all white, printed headscarf & orange lip for a Monday at the office}
Nordstrom tank / Zara jeans / Joie bag / MAC "vegas volt" lipstick

Thursday, July 24, 2014


{Zoey can't handle Mondays either}

{Greg and I at the Slightly Stoopid Concert}

{an old favorite: OPI bubble bath}

{wearing matching shirts on a lazy Sunday watching a Netflix marathon of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"}

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Currently Obsessed

{BCBG Ombré Necklace}

I scored this beautiful ombré collar necklace at the BCBG corporate boutique earlier this month. 
I love the punch of color it adds to a basic white boxy crop top. It's the perfect summer statement necklace!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Peach Strawberry Orange White Sangria

{Peach Strawberry Orange White Sangria}

I made sangria for the first time last weekend. I scoured Pinterest for recipes but ended up creating my own based on what I had found. I'm not a big drinker so I made a pretty light version. Most of the recipes I saw called for several types of alcohol (vodka, rum, etc), but I just stuck to the wine. It was so easy and turned out delicious! Sangria will easily become my new go-to fruity afternoon drink for the summer!

1 bottle of Barefoot Moscato
1 20 fl oz bottle of Sprite Zero
1 cup of V8 V-Fusion Peach Mango juice
1 peach
1 orange
10 strawberries

In a large pitcher, mix together wine, Sprite Zero, V8. 
Cut up fruit and add to the pitcher. 
Chill 4 hours. Serve over ice. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guide to Second-Day Hair

In an effort to make my hair healthier and preserve my color, I've been trying to only wash my hair every other day. When I first started this process I couldn't skip one day of shampooing without looking like a grease-ball, but I've mastered a fool-proof system to make my second-day hair look fresh.

The night before, I use dry shampoo on my roots to soak up any oil. By sleeping with the dry shampoo on my roots, any traces of that pesky white residue is absorbed and I wake up with tons of volume! I honestly haven't found a dry shampoo that I love yet so if you have any recommendations please leave it in the comments below!

In the morning I apply Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Smoothing Milk to the bottom half of my hair to banish any frizz and make my locks smooth and shiny.

I add a light wave to my hair by wrapping different size sections around the barrel of my curling iron (check out my tutorial of how to transform your curling iron into a wand here). I spray a medium hold hairspray all over and then comb through the curls with my fingers to loosen them up a bit. I don't like my hair to look too perfect, I prefer a tousled bed head look. 

{The End Result}

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently Obsessed

{Green Smoothie}

I've been making a version of this smoothie for breakfast the last few weeks. It's packed with fruits, veggies, and protein to keep me feeling full and energized. I started adding avocado to my smoothie which makes it thick & creamy - highly recommended if you've never tried it! 

1 cup baby spinach
1 avocado
1 banana
1/2 cup of blueberries
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
V8 V-Fusion Light Peach Mango (add to desired consistency)
Ice (add to desired consistency)

Mix all ingredients in blender on high speed until well blended. Enjoy!