Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MC Home

Growing up, life revolved around the kitchen in my parents house. 
We were always cooking, mixing cocktails, and entertaining guests in the kitchen. 
When I was apartment hunting, there were two things I really wanted: 
1. a walk-in closet
2. a big kitchen
I wasn't sure I would find the latter in a studio apartment, but I was sold as soon as I stepped foot in the kitchen during the open house. Complete with granite countertops, black and white checkered floors, and a little breakfast nook by the window. 

{table complete with framed photos and owl salt & pepper shakers}

{chargers and plates from Pier 1}

{prize possession: my pink KitchenAid mixer}

{yes, that is a cocktail shaker holding my cooking utensils - it's festive}

{quatrefoil chalkboard on my fridge}

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