Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Dear Jack

Jack Oliver, you are the light of my life. The past 365 days since you entered the world have brought me more joy than I ever imagined. Watching you grow and learn has been the greatest gift, and seeing your personality blossom is so fun.You are curious & goofy, so snuggling, persistent as hell and the perfect mix of me and Dada. 

I never want to forget the sound of your giggles and squeals, the pitter patter of your hands when you crawl on the wood floors, and the way you say "Mama." I never want to forget how small you were in my arms the first moment I held you, and the feeling of you sinking into me when you fall asleep on my chest. I never want to forget your slobbery open-mouth kisses and your cute wave goodbye. I never want to forget your blonde fluffy hair that sticks straight up, your chunky cheeks and thigh rolls. I never want to forget the way your face lights up when your eyes find mine across the room.

To think a entire year has gone by since meeting you for the first time evokes so many emotions. I'm  proud of your Dad and I for not only surviving the first year of parenting but for raising a sweet, strong and spirited little man. I'm sad that time is so fleeting. When we're playing and laughing so hard that you lose your balance and tip over, I try to soak in every second of it. And in the dark hours of the night when I'm rocking you back to sleep for the third time, I am reminded that this too shall pass. 

You are officially one year old and entering the toddler stage, but you will always be my baby. You are my whole world and I feel so lucky to be your Mommy.


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