Sunday, May 24, 2015

MC Home: Dressing Room

{clothing rack of my current summer rotation}

We have lived in our townhouse for almost 2 years but I've never shared photos of the upstairs! (see downstairs: living room and kitchen) One of the things that sold us on this place was that it had 2 bedrooms; which is not only ideal for when we have family visiting but we needed the extra closet space. Greg is the best guy in the world - he graciously gave me the second bedroom to turn into a huge dressing room! I work in fashion and buying apparel is literally my job so naturally I have tons of clothes and accessories! I love having a space to display my favorite pieces and keep everything really organized. It also feels very reminiscent of my studio apartment that I lived in when I first moved to Los Angeles, it was small but full of charm. You can see photos of  how I decorated the studio from start to finish: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  My dressing room doubles as Zoey's favorite spot in the house thanks to the natural light, she loves to sunbathe all day while we're at work - the life of a cat!

{the only problem with black chairs: grey cat}
{bookshelves aren't just for books}
 {framed photos and family mantra + jewelry box}
{vintage dresser with mixed Anthropologie knobs}
{from left to right: MK watches & souvenir from Castle Rock, statement necklace, emerald earrings, turquoise bracelet, Ray-Ban wayfarers & vintage saucer with rings}
{brights, prints & pop of color shoes}
 {layered necklaces make pretty décor}


  1. That is one hell of a statement necklace!!

    Heba xx ||

    1. Haha luckily it isn't as heavy as it looks! Thanks!!

  2. I found this post after reading your recent bedroom decor post, and even though this was posted months ago, I needed to say how gorgeous this room is. Everything is placed so beautifully. xx

    Champagne Daydream